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I Do Studioz is a roaming wedding videography company in MA. Our passionate team focuses on human interaction and teamwork to create the most cinematic and beautiful wedding film possible.


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Brian Carmichael

Owner/Head Videographer

At 21 years old, Brian has been a professional videographer for 3 years now. Brian runs two video production companies, I do Studioz and Brian C Media. After starting in the corporate video space working for companies like Bose, Whoop and CrossFit, he has moved on to wedding videography. Being a younger business owner he still has a long way to go, but his hard-work and energy has led him to sucsess thus far.

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John Kenny


John or JK as people like to call him is an experienced video editor. He has been editing videos for 7+ years using the adobe creative cloud. JK is also a seasoned videographer but prefers to stay in the editing room. He grew up in La Jolla CA but moved out to Boston when he was 23. JK loves to play video games and watch UFC.

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Tucker Jones


Jones is an experienced videographer, with a strong suit is in visual effects. Having an advanced understanding of Adobe after effects, he adds a different skill set to the team. Jones has worked in projects ranging from mall crews to even 100 million dollar productions. Jones is also a very talented editor and has done some social media marketing as well!

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Andrew Mitty


After gaining experience in web development and computer science, Andrew Mitty is now a junior at the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is studying business information systems and computer science. Andrew loves to ski and attend badger football games

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Nicho Ader

Videographer/ Marketing Agent

Nicho (prounounced Nick-O), In his 3.5 years as a professional videographer, Nicho has had the opportunity to travel to and film across the United States, Canada, and even Ecuador. 


He started his career filming professional athletes, and snowy movie over to the wedding site of video production. He also has a love for marketing, traveling and meeting new people.

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Michael German

Head of Marketing

German brings experience developing go to market plans, website design, drip campaigns, and customer profiling from various startups. He plays a large role, and brings experience to our marketing side of business. Aside from I do Studioz, he also oversees the marketing department as well as 5 other departments at a Boston based FinTech startup.

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